FACT: All Soap is made with lye

Handmade soap is made using oils, lye and water. If someone tells you that their soap is ‘safer’ because they didn’t use lye, then they really don’t know what they are talking about and you shouldn’t trust them to know what they heck they are doing when they’re making soap!!! ALL SOAP IS MADE WITH LYE…ALL OF IT!

Soap is the result of a chemical reaction between the oils and the lye solution (lye and water). That’s it. Pretty simple…and no, there is no lye left over to burn your skin or melt your eyeballs! The beauty of handmade soap lies in the concept of ‘superfatting’. We add in more oils than are needed to balance the oils vs. lye equation (I know, you’re having horrible flashbacks to high school chemistry…just hang in there!). This superfatting ensures that there will be no excess lye left over after the reaction is done, but it also is what gives our soaps their moisturizing properties. It’s why after using our soap, your skin doesn’t feel tight and dry, but instead it feels soft, smooth and refreshed.

But we don’t just stop with plain ol’ soap…how boring would we be?!?! We love to add in all kinds of fabulous things like essential oils (our favorites are peppermint and spearmint), exfoliants (like oatmeal or coffee grounds), natural colorants (like turmeric, beetroot powder or kelp) and THAT is what makes our soaps different and SO MUCH better than the kind you find at the grocery store.

I’m sure you’re asking what makes us so arrogant to think that our little company can make better soap that a huge multi-national corporation that has been making soaps for a hundred years. Well, yep, I guess we are arrogant then, because we DO make better soap than the huge multinational corporations…because we know our customers and we know they want to know exactly what goes into their soaps and how they were made. Don’t you want to know too?

FACT: All our products are handmade

Well, let’s take a look at the huge corporate soapmakers…most soaps you find in the grocery store are actually detergents. What’s the difference you ask? Detergents are made with petroleum based products, man-made chemicals and artificial fragrances. Now, seriously, do you really want to be lathering your precious bits and pieces with chemicals you can’t even pronounce? This is why many people have allergic reactions to soap. Once you try a handmade soap, your skin will thank you.

FACT: We use only the finest natural ingredients

A true ‘soap’ is made with natural ingredients…oils and lye and water (but you already knew this because you were paying attention earlier). Handmade soap is rich in glycerine, which attracts moisture to your skin leaving it feeling soft and clean and fresh (and this is really the point of washing yourself in the first place, isn’t it?) Grocery store soaps have that glycerine removed because it’s expensive and it can be added to other products like lotions…which they know you will buy because you will need to use after using their soaps that dry your skin out! So now that we’ve grossed you out about what you’ve been washing with your whole life, why not browse through our website and find one of our wonderful creations that you and your skin will love!